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Industries Served

Our due diligence team provides first in class expertise in the assessment and evaluation of your asset or acquisition. ESE will thoroughly assess the potential environmental risk of your property in order to satisfy all commercial lending agency requirements and reduce land owner/ prospective purchaser liability.


ESE maintains a diverse portfolio of multi-tenant apartment complexes, condominiums and Residential developments. Our team takes pride in correctly assessing and mitigating potential onsite building impairments such as mold, asbestos, and structural component concerns.


ESE provides custom-tailored environmental compliance solutions assisting clients in managing all regulatory, permitting and internal requirements involving air, water, waste and multimedia compliance. Our team maintains all necessary up-to-date training and certifications related to the rules and regulations of various types of facilities.

Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas

Our team is dedicated to the revitalization of distressed real estate; whether it be a brownfield, untouched vacant land or abandoned urban infill sites. ESE will increase the value of your property and deliver new development options through environmental risk management and engineering.

Land Development & Redevelopment

Our team aids prospective buyers and sellers investigate environmental risks during a property transaction. ESE helps affect the valuation of the property for the interested party by assessing environmental issues present that may affect investment risks. Our team can also perform Environmental Audits to help the potential buyer avoid penalties for violations by a local, state or federal agency.


ESE will work with healthcare companies under various grants, such as Health Infrastructure & Improvement programs, to perform various due diligence services and support. Our team will help fulfil the necessary requirements for all potential mergers and acquisitions of older/newer healthcare facilities, senior living establishments, local emergency rooms etc.


Making Brownfields Green


ESE will assist with the acquisition of environmentally distressed infill sites. We will provide negotiating leverage for the buyer by identifying and quantifying environmental liabilities that can be used to discount the property.


ESE will use engineering expertise to remediate your site through risk-based approaches, striving to reduce cost while achieving project goals. Every dollar saved through innovation is equity built by our client.


ESE will deliver dirt ready sites for redevelopment. The results of our efforts include increased wealth for our client and an improved quality of life for the community. Making the unusable usable, making brownfields green.

Invest Wisely

Understand Your Environmental Risks.

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