air services

Air Services

ComplianceESE's team delivers expert compliance related services, in a world of ever-changing environmental regulations. Through experience, licensing and continued education, we are an invaluable resource to those responsible for the environmental compliance of a facility. This assistance is delivered through the services of permitting, auditing and inspection of facility operations which are regulated by environmental statutes, policies, and regulations

Air services include:

Permits by Rule
Standard Permits (30 TAC 116.620)
Non-Rule Standard Permitting
New Source Review
Title V Permitting
AVO (NSRP and NSPS OOOO) Inspections
Dual Fuel Emissions Testing
Emissions Case Studies
Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) Emissions Testing
Emissions Monitoring and Stack Testing
Turnkey Engine Program Management
Semi-Annual and Quarterly Reporting
Deviation Reporting
Mass Emissions Cap and Trade
GHG Analysis
GHG Reporting
Turnkey Inventory Maintenance and Reporting
Emissions Inventory
Annual Compliance Certification
Air Quality Audits
Air Quality Modeling