ESE has a team of consulting professionals experienced and focused on Brownfields redevelopment. ESE has taken our local, state, and federal Brownfields experience and applied that expertise to the ever growing entrepreneurial market of redeveloping blighted properties for alternative end uses. ESE assists their clients with these initiatives by providing program management services which include budgetary project life-cycle cost model preparation, project strategy and outcome analysis, program enrollment assistance, site assessment, fixed price remediation, and regulatory negotiations. ESE has been responsible for the reclamation of former power plants, landfills, oilfields, and industrial sites for the purpose of residential and commercial redevelopment.

ESE also delivers a feasibility plan to Brownfields initiatives through budgetary estimation of environmental liabilities prior to the acquisition of a property in order to give our clients basis for negotiation with respect to environmentally impaired properties.

ESE advantage

The Advantage

Since the industrial revolution, more and more land has been contaminated, abandoned, perceived as unusable and, therefore, deemed as waste.  Many developers and investors tend to avoid such properties that are perceived as environmental liabilities.  In reality, these environmentally-impaired properties are often diamonds in the rough and can be developed to return a greater financial and social gain than ever thought possible for the investor and the community.

Community Impact

Community Impact

ESE is committed to recycling the land and revitalizing our cities and neighborhoods, making the unusable, usable... Making Brownfields Green.  We enable our clients to realize unconsidered financial opportunity in real estate and deliver investments associated with environmentally impaired properties.  We'll increase the value of your property and deliver new development options through environmental risk management and engineering.