Environmental Compliance


ComplianceESE's team delivers expert compliance related services, in a world of ever-changing environmental regulations. Through experience, licensing and continued education, we are an invaluable resource to those responsible for the environmental compliance of a facility. This assistance is delivered through the services of permitting, auditing and inspection of facility operations which are regulated by environmental statutes, policies, and regulations.


Air Compliance

ESE provides a wide range of air services to the oil & gas, energy, chemical, and manufacturing market sectors. Our air expertise includes air permitting (Permits by Rule, Standard Permits, New Source Review, Title V Permits, etc.), air dispersion modeling, onsite auditing and inspections, federal and state regulatory analysis, emissions inventory, GHG analysis, and deviation and periodic reporting. Click Here to see full list of Air Services.


Water Compliance

ESE’s water compliance capabilities include industrial and construction stormwater permitting, stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) preparation, SPCC planning, FRPs, RMPs, Tier II reporting, TRI reporting, AST/UST registration/permitting, wastewater permitting and reporting, onsite inspections and compliance audits, drinking water assessments, wetlands determinations, and water sourcing/acquisition planning.


Stormwater Inspections
Industrial Stormwater Permitting
Construction Stormwater Permitting
Stormwater Reporting
Drinking Water Assessment
Wastewater Permitting
Wastewater Source Mapping
Wastewater Reporting
Water Licensing
Wetlands Assessment/Determination
Water Sourcing/Acquisition Planning
Water Use Reporting



Waste Compliance

ESE provides comprehensive waste permitting, planning, and compliance services to assist our oil & gas, energy, chemical, and manufacturing clients in addressing federal, state, and local requirements. Our waste services include waste characterization, industrial/hazardous waste registration, waste management support, pollution prevention planning, TSD and other state or federally required waste permitting, waste reporting, onsite inspections, and compliance auditing. 


Industrial/Hazardous Waste Registration/Notification
Waste Permitting
TSD Permitting
Municipal Solid Waste Reporting
Waste Management Planning
Waste Characterization



Multimedia Compliance

ESE also provides custom-tailored, cost-effective multimedia compliance solutions to assist clients in effectively managing regulatory, permitting, and internal requirements. Multimedia services include compliance audits, regulatory applicability and interpretation, EHS management systems design and implementation, EHS risk assessments, endangered species studies, compliance assurance tool design, EHS organizational strategy, best management practices/corporate EHS standards development, and other permitting, planning, and compliance support. 


SPCC Plans
SPCC Inspections
PST Registration
Facility Response Plans (FRP)
Oil Spill Contingency Plan
Risk Management Plans (RMP)
Mechanical Integrity Inspections
Tier II Reporting
TRI Reporting
Emergency Planning/Community Right to Know Support
ISO 14001 Audits
EHS Management Systems
EHS Compliance Audits
Compliance Assurance Tool Development
Regulatory Applicability
Compliance Program Design and Implementation
EHS Standards Development
EHS Risk Assessment
Endangered Species Studies
General Land Use Regulations