environmental science and engineering partners

Environmental Construction

ESE offers construction management services related to various environmentally sensitive scopes of work. ESE's construction management team has a perfect safety record with no reportable incidence or loss time on projects they have managed. The construction management team offers extended mobilization for long term projects. All of ESE's construction managers are degreed professionals with extensive project management experience. The team has been critical with respect to ESE's brownfields initiatives which require demolition, asbestos abatement, contaminated soil excavation, remediation and waste water treatment system construction, and industrial reclamation. Construction Management services include:
  1. Bid Solicitation
  2. Demolition
  3. Soil Excavation
  4. Land Farm Construction
  5. Contract Preparation
  6. On-site Program Management
  7. Specification Preparation
  8. Contractor Screening & Selection
  9. Health & Safety Planning
  10. Industrial Asbestos Abatement Management
  11. Hazardous Waste Characterization & Management
  12. Remediation System Construction
  13. Remediation Operation & Maintenance
  14. Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction & Maintenance
  15. Industrial Dismantling & Relocating