Risk Assessment

Risk assessments can be utilized to mitigate property contamination in lieu of physical remediation. Risk based corrective action involves thoroughly evaluating property and contaminant characteristics and the respective pathways through which potential receptors may be exposed to contaminants. The evaluations can identify open exposure pathways which can frequently be mitigated through implementation of institutional and/or engineering controls, eliminating the necessity for costly remediation.


Remediation generally involves contaminant removal or the reduction in contaminant concentrations from environmental media at a Site. ESE may conduct feasibility assessments, bench tests, and pilot tests to determine the most beneficial technology and/or processes available to remediate site contaminants. Some remedial methods include excavation, land farming, in-situ chemical oxidation, bioremediation, and in-situ immobilization.

Brownfields Reclamation

ESE is committed to recycling the land and revitalizing our cities and neighborhoods, making the unusable usable; Making Brownfields Green. We enable our clients to realize unconsidered financial opportunity in real estate associated with environmentally impaired properties. We will increase the value of your property and deliver new development options through environmental risk management and engineering- Reclaim. Restore. Renew.