Our Story

ESE - Our Story

Who We Are
Environmental Science and Engineering Partners (ESE) is a licensed environmental engineering and geoscience consultancy founded in 2007 by the firms CEO, Bryan Gay and COO, Tim O'Neil, P.E. Headquartered in Houston, Texas. ESE provides global environmental engineering services to both the public and private sectors.
Our Focus
ESE has a primary focus on customer service, technical excellence, and great people. This focus can be demonstrated through our guaranteed delivery dates, fixed-price contracts, obsession with client feedback, an ISO compliant quality assurance program, and recruiting only the top 10% of the engineers, geologist, and scientists in our field.
Our Purpose
ESE's purpose is to responsibly move business forward through environmental problem solving. Regardless of the environmental challenges presented, ESE has the capability to deliver viable and business minded solutions to their clients and the community.