ESE People & Culture

Utilize the best people for the task at hand.

Environmental Science and Engineering Partners’ (ESE) goal is to be recognized as the best environmental firm to work for in Texas. We are making major strides in that direction with our culture, work environment, professional development and core values.

ESE has a service focused culture based on fairness, opportunity and recognition. Our company is founded on six core values that are present in our daily operations:

ESE Partners Core Values


Fully understand the problem at hand.


Deliver services that exceed the expectations of the client and team.


Consider alternative and innovative approaches.


Deliver the highest quality possible.


Utilize the best people for the task at hand.


Take time to celebrate success with the client and team.


ESE’s PEOPLE are the differentiator! We utilize the best people for the task at hand. With a team of interns, recent graduates, junior and senior level staff ESE plans to grow organically. ESE has a multi-disciplined team of highly trained environmental scientists, geologists, and engineers.

Come join us!