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HAZMAT Operational Permit for Certain Facilities Located in Harris County

Harris County requires that an operational permit for certain facilities is obtained prior to beginning operations for which a permit is required. The permits ensure that the County has necessary information to safeguard the county from the risks associated with high hazard occupancy. These permits are issued for operations set forth in Sections 105.6.1 through 105.6.50 of the Harris County Fire Code. Harris County issued a new Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) operating permit, effective January 1, 2020. All new and existing facilities located in Harris County will be required to apply for a HAZMAT permit if they store, transport on-site, dispense or handle hazardous materials in quantities greater than those listed in Table 105.6.20. These permits are required to be renewed annually. If you have any questions, or need further information please contact Vidhi Singhal at (281) 501‑6100 or #HAZMAT #compliance #ESEpartners

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Ethan Norsworthy’s 1 Year Anniversary

ESE Partners is proud to congratulate Ethan Norsworthy on his one year #anniversary! FunFact: Ethan cuts and sells firewood for the community and his nickname around the office is “Firewood”! 🔥 #onfire #oneyear

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Sun Coast Resources Hand Sanitizer

Thanks to Sun Coast Resources for the Texas-made hand sanitizer! Stop by their pop-up shop in the in the River Oaks shopping center at 2040 W Gray Street Unit 120, Houston, Texas 77019 for all of your COVID-19 supplies. #supportlocalbusiness #covid19 #inthistogether #houstonstrong

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Asbestos Survey

Building owners are required to know if Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are present and to manage the items appropriately. Learn more about requirements here!

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Environmental Desktop Review

Completing real estate due diligence from our home offices with desktop reviews are just one way how ESE is responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving. 

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