Dry Cleaners Redevelopment

Services Performed

ESE performed a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and concurrent Phase I ESA at a former dry cleaners located in the Montrose area of Houston. A previous environmental consulting firm prepared a Phase I ESA and subsequent Phase II ESA for the property that came to conclusions regarding environmental liability associated with the property that did not satisfy the purchaser’s environmental standards. In response to these concerns, the purchaser retained ESE to perform a Phase II ESA to evaluate environmental media at the Site and prepare a concurrent Phase I ESA to reassess the environmental concerns at the property and make a determination of suitability for redevelopment.


ESE’s objective for the project included testing environmental media at the Site and using the information obtained through the process to provide the client with a Phase I ESA assessing potential environmental liability at the property.

Scope of Work

ESE’s scope of work included the following:

  • Testing soil, groundwater, and soil gas in the immediate vicinity of the former onsite dry cleaners
  • Assessing testing data against regulatory limits to determine the need for further environmental investigation
  • Using the information obtained from this testing, as well as a review of regulatory databases, historical data, site reconnaissance, and interviews with current occupants, to determine the presence or absence of recognized environmental conditions (RECs) at the property through a Phase I ESA.

Key Benefits to Client

  • Provided client with a comprehensive Phase I ESA that concretely eliminated environmental concerns, including potential vapor intrusion issues, typically associated with former dry cleaners.
  • Collected soil, groundwater, and soil gas data that were analyzed against applicable regulatory limits to provide the client with empirical site contaminant concentrations.
  • Enabled the client to purchase the property with the financial landowner liability protections (LLPs) provided to the prospective purchaser upon completion of a Phase I ESA in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-13.

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