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Bank Due Diligence Experience

#ESEPartners knows bank due diligence! We have worked with over 40 #nationwide #banks ensuring #topnotch #due #diligence efforts.

Contact Kathryn O’Gorman, P.G., our Managing Director for Due Diligence, if you are in the process of a real estate transaction. #environmental #duediligence

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Environmental Desktop Review

Completing real estate due diligence from our home offices with desktop reviews are just one way how ESE is responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving. 

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Exit Assessments

Not renewing your lease this term? Contact ESE for an Environmental Exit Assessment to mitigate any environmental liabilities onsite.

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Purchasing commercial real estate?

Purchasing commercial real estate? Be aware of environmental liabilities caused by previous owners. Various levels of environmental reviews or investigations can be conducted to determine the likelihood of a liability, but many lenders and investors require that a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment be conducted for commercial real estate transaction in accordance with ASTM E1527-13. Learn more about #duediligence services here: #phaseIesa #commercialrealestate

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Joes Crab Shack Phase I ESA, Arlington, Texas

Well-known restaurant chain, Joe’s Crab Shack, is closing many locations. #ESEPartners recently conducted a Phase I ESA at a closed Joe’s Crab Shack in Arlington, TX for a real estate purchaser. Contact us today if you need exit assessments on your property! #duediligence

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