Amarillo Renewable Energy Environmental Consulting

ESE Partners provides Amarillo renewable energy environmental consulting for your infrastructure development projects, spearheaded by our team of experienced environmental engineers and scientists. We understand the challenges in fulfilling requirements for renewable energy projects and we have the knowledge to navigate the complex permitting process. 


Before beginning any renewable energy project, it is essential to identify the best location for the project. As part of our renewable energy environmental consulting in Amarillo TX, services we help you determine whether locations are optimal for renewable energy sites. 

Our team evaluates site characteristics such as topography, soil type, water availability, vegetation, and wildlife habitats. In addition, we consider environmental factors such as endangered species, wetlands, and cultural resources to ensure that the project site is suitable for the intended use.


ESE Partners has extensive experience in Amarillo renewable energy environmental consulting providing permitting support for your projects. We will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive licensing strategy that meets your needs and objectives while ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations.

  • Wetlands Resources Evaluation. Our renewable energy environmental consulting in Amarillo TX will determine if potential “Waters of the U.S.” exist within the project site. Also areas adjacent to the proposed project will be analyzed.
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Review. Using U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lists of threatened and endangered species, we will assess if any threatened and endangered species may exist on the project sites.
  • Critical Issues Analysis. Our renewable energy environmental consulting in Amarillo TX will prepare a Critical Issues Analysis for the proposed site as well as a permitting matrix. The permitting matrix will outline federal, state, and local environmental permits which may be required for development of the proposed project sites.

Our main objective in our Amarillo renewable energy environmental consulting is to guide renewable energy projects to completion since many energy projects become stuck in the permitting stage of the process. Therefore we aim to deliver the desired results as hassle-free as possible.

With our expertise, we guarantee exceptional service and solutions for a reasonable cost. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can work to achieve your goals.