Building Sciences

ESE provides a variety of services to identify, manage, and provide mitigation options to the various issues, risks, and liabilities that a building owner or operator may encounter with building occupancy, management, operations and maintenance, renovation activities or demolition. Our staff consists of licensed and accredited personnel which are especially trained to deal with these issues and related hazards. Our staff routinely consults with building owners, engineers, potential buyers, architects, property managers, and various state and local entities to deliver results of surveys, assessments, and evaluations in pursuit of practical solutions to environmental problems. ESE’s goal is to pursue solutions that are protective of human health and the environment and in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. ESE strives to deliver top tier quality in our deliverables while fully optimizing the value of any project.

Asbestos Containing
Material (ACM)

Once extensively used in building, insulation, and fire-protection applications, asbestos is a known carcinogen. Regardless of the date of construction, federal, state and municipal regulations require building and facility owners to assess and manage the presence or the potential for the presence of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM). ESE provides a diverse range of asbestos consulting services to public and private sector clientele as stated below.


  • Building Surveys & Facility Inspections
  • Management Plans
  • Operation and Maintenance Programs
  • Development of Abatement Specifications & Design
  • Abatement Bid Solicitation and Contractor Qualification
  • Abatement Project Management and Oversight
  • Air Monitoring and Sample Analysis

Mold Consulting

Moisture intrusion, water damage, HVAC issues, and construction defects can result in the occurrence of mold or related fungal growth. ESE’s state licensed professionals work with building owners and facility managers to promptly identify mold and/or moisture damage to ensure that issues are assessed and dealt with in a safe and satisfactory manner. During the mold remediation process, ESE professionals work to ensure that the structure is restored in a fashion that will not result in the reoccurrence of amplified microbial growth while keeping occupants safe and building contents protected.


  • Assessments for Mold Affected Building Materials
  • Remediation Protocols
  • Remediation Contractor Solicitation and Selection
  • Remediation Project Management
  • Post Remediation Verification and Sampling

Lead & Lead Based
Paint Consulting

Lead and lead compounds have been used in a wide variety of products found in structures including paint, coatings, ceramics, pipes and plumbing materials. ESE’s accredited professionals are experienced and adept at providing clients with timely, cost-effective practical solutions to lead related issues.


  • Worker Protection Monitoring and Compliance
  • Lead Based Paint Inspections
  • Lead-Based Paint Management Plans
  • Development of Abatement Specifications
  • Project Management and Oversight
  • Water Testing

Indoor Air Quality Services

Modern buildings are designed and engineered to be dynamic and complex systems. Structures constructed over the past several decades rely heavily on ventilation and ongoing management to dilute indoor air contaminants. ESE works with building owners and property management companies to determine the indoor air quality (IAQ) both proactively and in response to tenant complaints. ESE provides a diverse range of consulting services to commercial and industrial building owners and operators as stated below.


  • Baseline and Ambient Air Measurements
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)
  • Particulate Matter
  • Bioaerosols
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Relative Humidity
  • Temperature

Property Condition
Assessments (PCAs)

Costs for replacement or repair of major systems, components or equipment at a property can blindside buyers. ESE provides Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) on a variety of commercial structures to educate a buyer or lender with valuable insight regarding costs to remedy physical deficiencies. PCAs are conducted in accordance with the ASTM E 2018-15 guidance document and are often conducted concurrently with a Phase I ESA.

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