Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence is an essential process with any major commercial real estate transaction, including the sale, purchase, lease or refinancing of a property. ESE Partners will utilize industry standards and environmental expertise to identify and quantify any potential environmental liabilities within a property, such as soil and groundwater contamination, and mitigate/eradicate any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) using risk-based management and counter measures.

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ESE is committed to recycling the land and revitalizing our cities and neighborhoods by making the unusable usable. ESE may conduct feasibility assessments, bench tests, and pilot tests to determine the most beneficial technology and/or processes available to physically remediate site contaminants. These evaluations can identify open exposure pathways and may be mitigated through the use of of institutional and/or engineering controls, eliminating the necessity for costly remediation.

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ESE's team delivers expert compliance related services, in a world of ever-changing environmental regulations. Through experience, licensing and continued education, we are an invaluable resource to those responsible for the environmental compliance of a facility. This assistance is delivered through the services of permitting, auditing and inspection of facility operations which are regulated by environmental statutes, policies, and regulations.

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