ESE Personal Development

Achieve growth by elevating your career.

Grow With ESE Partners

An employee’s professional development is a shared responsibility of the employee and the supervisor and/or manager. In order to design successful careers, employees need to take responsibility to create career development plans, initiate actions that will lead them to their career goals, and document their progress, optimizing current and future employee contributions. This involvement includes periodic assessments of the employee’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience.

Training Program

ESE’s ELEVATE Training Program has been modeled after the project management training processes created by leading firms in science and engineering as they pertain to the study of environments.


What ELEVATE Provides

The ESE Partners ELEVATE Training Program provides ESE’s Program and Project Management (PM) community with a consolidated reference document that:
  • Provides mentor/supervisor coaching for employees
  • Suggests a general road map for continuing professional development in program/project management.
  • Provides ESE employees with a description of competencies required to perform the major tasks in program/project management.
  • Offers employees and their supervisors a tool that identifies and sequences training and other developmental activities when preparing an Employee Development Plan (EDP).
  • Assists supervisors in making effective use of training resources by identifying competencies and training \ courses to schedule employee training attendance at appropriate courses at the appropriate time.
  • Supports the consistent application of successful program/project management practices across ESE, thereby achieving goals and objectives as stated in the ESE One Page Strategic Plan.