The TCEQ requires a number of reports, plans, and fees at different times throughout the year. To remind our valuable clients – we have put together due dates for common TCEQ reports and fees. Please reach out if we can assist your organization with the preparation of these reports. Submit a proposal request here

A quick reminder to our valued clients, April Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) submission due dates include:

πŸ“… Apr 01 –

  • Public drinking water systems that provide water to community water system(s) deliver the applicable Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) information to their receiving systems
  • Annual Medical Waste Transporter and Mobile Medical On-Site Treatment fees are invoiced. Fees are due 30 days from the invoice date.

πŸ“… Apr 10 –

  • Groundwater or Purchased Water Systems: DLQOR

πŸ“… Apr 18 –

  • Aquaculture General Permit No. TXG130000 expires on 4/18/21 (you have 90 days from the new permit effective date to renew coverage). This general permit coverage must be renewed every fifth year.

πŸ“… Apr 20 –

  • Wastewater Discharge: Quarterly biomonitoring DMR and tables
  • Wastewater Discharge: March DMR

πŸ“… Apr 30 –

  • Dry Cleaners: quarterly registration fee

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