Arlington Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Arlington Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Put a team of qualified, proven environmental professionals in your corner to handle your Arlington environmental due diligence audit.

ESE Partners is an industry-leading environmental consultant that has been in the business since 2007. Our staff combines for decades of experience working with clients of all industries, helping them address issues associated with environmental due diligence, compliance, remediation and more.

Our environmental due diligence services in Arlington TX offer an extensive selection of inspections and assessments for clients that want to pinpoint contaminants or environmental liabilities on a property.

Generally, some form of environmental due diligence audit in Arlington TX is required during a transaction involving a commercial or industrial property. This protects the buyer and the institution financing the transaction from unknowingly inheriting property that is riddled with environmental liabilities.

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A Phase 1 & 2 environmental site assessment (ESA) is one of the most common and useful forms of an Alrington environmental due diligence audit. Conducted in accordance with ASTM-E1527-13 standards, an ESA provides a visual inspection and historic review of the property to determine the risk for contaminants. 

If Phase 1 reveals recognized environmental conditions (RECs), our team moves to Phase 2, which involves soil, groundwater and other media samples that are then tested in a lab. This Arlington environmental due diligence audit provides confirmation on whether or not contaminants are present on a property. If so, our team can help you determine if further action is required.

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Conducting proper due diligence is vital for any transaction or land development project. ESE Partners wants to start your project off on the right foot with a thorough, insightful Arlington environmental due diligence audit. Connect with our team to learn more.