Austin Architectural History

As the state capital, Austin holds a wealth of history in its architecture. Austin architectural history dates to the Republic of Texas era and is home to several iconic structures and site locations.


Historic Landmarks and Districts

Austin is home to over 600 state landmarks and NRHP sites. The UT Tower is an unmistakable icon of architectural history in Austin TX. A part of the city’s skyline, the tower exemplifies the symmetry of the Beaux Arts and one of the most prominent structures in the Austin skyline.

Austin contains eight historic districts. Aldrige Place is one such district and established in 1860 by Albert Buddington. Buddington built the first home in the area. The area experienced rapid growth with the building of the University of Texas and streetcars connecting the neighborhood to other areas of Austin.


Historic Preservation

Architectural history in Austin TX is preserved by the efforts of many public and private organizations. Austin’s Historic Preservation Office is one entity and takes measures to protect and promote Austin architectural history.

Due to preservation constraints, specialized inspections, guidance, and permitting is required. The codes and regulations preserving Austin architectural history can prove difficult to interpret and can change without much warning. Designated historic sites within the City of Austin require aa permit before performing work. This work can include ground up construction, additions, or exterior alterations.

Archival research can illuminate architectural history in Austin TX. Research provides overviews, describes previous field work and surveys, and collects pertinent historic maps. Much information can be obtained about significant events and persons of historic significance associated with historic structures during archival research.


Moving Develop Projects Forward Responsibly

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