Austin Cultural Resources Management

Austin cultural resources management protects and preserves objects of modern and historic importance. While many may think of cultural resources management in Austin TX as focused on traditional culture, it also applies to the development of current culture.

Austin cultural resources management consultants provide help navigating laws pertaining to heritage sites. Historians and archaeologists can offer cultural resources management in Austin TX and consulting services that help businesses maintain compliance with preservation laws during development projects.

Austin cultural resources management can include many types of cultural resources such as architecture, public and private sculptures, archeological sites, and areas of historic significance such as cemeteries and battlefields. Many of these places are areas of interest that draw tourism.

Cultural resources management in Austin TX can include:

  • Landscapes
  • Objects
  • Structures
  • Spiritual spaces
  • Social institutions
  • Historical documents
  • Historic and prehistoric archeological sites

Policies that surround cultural resources management develop and change over time, but the overall goal is to protect local resources of cultural heritage.


Stay in Compliance with ESE Partners

Austin cultural resources management with ESE Partners provides solutions that can bring your project to completion. The qualified team at ESE Partners can provide you with cultural and heritage resource management, construction compliance, and historic research. When combined, your project can meet state and federal policies.

Stay on track and in compliance when you partner with ESE Partners. ESE customers come from a variety of industries that require specialized specifications. Some of the industries we provide service include:

  • Medical and healthcare
  • Industrial real estate
  • Solar and wind energy
  • Financial institutions
  • Multi-family real estate
  • Upstream and midstream Oil and Gas
  • Private development
  • Municipalities


Environmental Problem Solving that Can Move Your Project Forward

Headquartered in Houston, ESE Partners serves businesses around the state and can bring focused solutions that can meet your project needs. Submit your proposal request and we can provide options that can move your project forward.


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