Austin Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Austin Environmental Due Diligence Audit

ESE Partners is a trusted name for an Austin environmental due diligence audit. Our team has extensive experience with site audits, providing our clients with the information and insight they need into the environmental liabilities associated with their properties.

Our environmental due diligence services in Austin TX are valued resources for a variety of clients. Conducting comprehensive due diligence before acquiring a commercial or industrial property, or before embarking on a land development project, is the logical first step.

By identifying environmental liabilities, not only are you able to protect yourself as a buyer but you’re also able to minimize the risks to both people and the local environment. An environmental due diligence audit in Austin TX can come in many forms.

For instance, a Phase 1 environmental site assessment (ESA) is effective in gauging the likelihood of recognized environmental conditions (RECs). If there is cause for concern after our Phase 1 ESA, then a Phase 2 ESA is often required. This is where our team takes samples of soil, soil vapor, groundwater and other media to test it in a lab. This gives us an opportunity to confirm the presence of contaminants and compare the levels with applicable regulations.

Our Austin environmental due diligence services also include desktop reviews and transaction screens, which are essentially boiled-down versions of a Phase 1 or 2 ESA. Regardless of what type of inspection we administer on your property, you can expect a thorough, insightful report that is compiled by an industry-leading environmental professional.

Helping clients understand their Austin environmental due diligence audit

While some environmental consultancies dump their data, the team behind our environmental due diligence services in Austin TX will work closely with you so that you understand our findings and can develop the appropriate plan to move forward.

Our audit might conclude the process or we may uncover issues that need to be addressed further. ESE Partners will provide you with answers and insight.

Talk to us more about our Austin environmental due diligence audit services and the other ways that we can responsibly move your business forward through environmental problem solving.