Austin Jurisdictional Determinations

Is your development or project stalled until you receive a Jurisdictional Determination from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about whether the wetlands you have are under federal authority pursuant to the Clean Water Act of 1972? ESE Partners is the environmental consultant firm that you need for your Austin Jurisdictional Determinations.

At ESE, our goals go well beyond the scope of any project. Our team of top-level environmental engineers and scientists are highly responsive to our clients’ needs. Jurisdictional Determinations in Austin TX are only part of the services that we provide as we strive to consistently recognize and deliver opportunities for developers, landowners, commercial businesses and other stakeholders.

ESE Partners Understands Your Environmental Consulting Needs

We’re competitively priced with other consulting firms that can do Jurisdictional Determinations in Austin TX but we stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to our customer service and experience. We believe in total transparency, clear communication, and rapid responses to concerns and questions. We know that time has value, and our customers expect quick, accurate reports they can rely upon.

In addition to Austin Jurisdictional Determinations, we provide a host of other environmental consulting and due diligence services, including:

  • Section 404 permits
  • Wetlands delineation and U.S. Army Corp of Engineers permitting
  • NEPA environmental assessments and categorical exclusions
  • Critical issues analysis
  • Site characterization studies
  • City of Austin environmental resource inventories
  • Endangered species surveys and federal consultation
  • Mitigation monitoring and post-construction mortality studies
  • Acoustic monitoring and analysis for bat and herpetological species
  • Eagle, raptor and songbird studies

We understand that every project has unique concerns, but we’re here to guide you through the complex web of federal, state and local regulations and permitting processes. We stay focused on the goals and keep track of regulatory changes as they happen, so that our clients can concentrate on the rest of their goals.

Call Us for Your Austin Jurisdictional Determinations

When you need Jurisdictional Determinations in Austin TX done rapidly and right, there’s no other place to call but ESE Partners. Reach out to us today at 512-859-6500 or via email at We look forward to meeting you!


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