Austin Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

If you are looking to acquire industrial or commercial property in the local area, an Austin Phase 1 environmental site assessment is the first step in that process. Here at ESE, we can provide you with this important service and help you conquer any other environmental problems that your business might be facing.

We provide clients with a Phase 1 environmental report in Austin TX.

Before banks or other lending institutions will agree to loan out money for a commercial or industrial property, they want to confirm they are making a sound purchase. Therefore, they require a Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Austin TX.

With a Phase 1 ESA in Austin TX, ESE will review the property’s past history and records, perform a site reconnaissance and interview individuals familiar with the site to identity environmental liabilities.

If the Austin Phase 1 environmental report identifies a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC), ESE will evaluate the risk with our clients to determine if a Phase II ESA is warranted. The purpose of a Phase II ESA is to confirm or deny the presence of chemicals of concern in the environment. This involves the sampling and laboratory analysis of multiple medias, often including soil, soil gas, and groundwater.

Informing our clients — protecting the community

Due diligence services like our Austin Phase 1 environmental site assessment identify and assess characteristics of sites that are of environmental concern. They are essential for real estate transactions and identifying environmental hazards as a community in whole.

ESE has over 13 years’ experience in due diligence services such as Phase 1 ESA in Austin TX. We’ve submitted Phase 1 environmental reports in Austin TX and other due diligence services for commercial real estate, developers, alternative energy, financial institutions and attorneys. We strive to deliver service that consistently exceeds expectations for our clients.

Do you have questions about an Austin Phase 1 environmental site assessment or simply need a second opinion? We’d be happy to help you out. Connect with ESE Partners right now.

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