Austin Phase I ESA

An Austin Phase I ESA should be an essential first step in the acquisition of a commercial or industrial property. Before purchasing property, it’s very important to understand the potential for environmental hazards.

The team at ESE Partners will provide that insightful information through a comprehensive Austin Phase I environmental report.

Providing clients with a thorough Austin Phase one environmental study

Most local banks and lending institutions will require a Phase I ESA in Austin TX, before they agree to fund a real estate transaction. This allows them to gauge hazard liabilities to determine if the property is a sound purchase.

ESE Partners has the necessary environmental experts to provide an independent, insightful and thorough assessment of a commercial or industrial property. Through a site visit and deep dive into the history behind the property, our Austin Phase I ESA team will be able to offer a professional opinion on the environmental condition of your property.

If our team identifies Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), we can explore the issue further through a Phase II ESA in Austin TX.

Get a comprehensive Phase II environmental report in Austin TX

Through sampling and lab analysis of a variety of media (i.e. ground water, soil, etc.), our team is able to use a Phase II ESA in Austin TX to provide clear-cut confirmation of a present contaminate or environmental risk.

We take our findings and compare them with all applicable regulatory limits and criteria. This can help you determine what action, if any, is further required to make the property safe and in compliance.

Utilize effective environmental problem-solving with ESE Partners

ESE Partners works with clients of a wide range of industries to responsibly move their business forward through creative environmental problem solving. We’re ready to do the same for you.

Talk to our team about our Austin Phase I ESA and other environmental due diligence services by connecting with our staff.


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