Austin Threatened And Endangered Species Survey

In order to comply with the Endangered Species Act of 1973, companies planning construction projects will often need to conduct an Austin threatened and endangered species survey before starting any work. Do you need a threatened and endangered species survey in Austin TX? A representative with ESE Partners will be able to not only tell you whether or not a survey is needed, but also how we can help.

About the Survey

The purpose of the Act — and the reason an Austin threatened and endangered species survey may be needed — is to protect any plant or animal species that are listed by the federal government as being at risk for extinction. Not only is a threatened and endangered species survey in Austin TX critically important from an economic perspective, it’s also vital from an environmental perspective.

Private interests must not harass, harm or take any species on the list. But this list is extremely broad, and may include species you had no idea were threatened. Also, the penalties for violating the Act are extremely severe — not to mention the negative publicity a violation could generate. Take those risks out of the equation by enlisting ESE Partners for help with your threatened and endangered species survey in Austin TX. We will make sure your survey is not only extremely thorough, but also accurate.

Here is a quick look at how ESE Partners typically performs this type of survey:

  • We determine whether or not there is the potential that at-risk species are on the property by looking at previous records as well as inspecting the existing habitat.
  • Our team then conducts detailed field surveys in order to find out whether or not these species are on the property.
  • If we find the presence of any at-risk plant or animal species, we will then help our clients determine the best strategy for managing how to ensure their safety.

Find out more about how we can help with your Austin threatened and endangered species survey by getting in touch with ESE Partners. We’ve provided this service to a wide range of clients since 2007, and we will be more than happy to do the same for you.

Species-specific surveys include:

  • Houston toad
  • Golden-cheeked warbler
  • Ashy dogweed
  • Navasota ladies-tresses
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