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New East Houston / bay area office

The opening of ESE’s East Houston / bay area office brings our 5 disciplines to a 5th location, with the others being: Greater Houston Area (Katy), Austin, San Antonio and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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Our Promise

At ESE Partners, we are committed to protecting our environment and delivering responsible solutions. #corporateresponsibility #environmentalconsulting

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Opportunity in Distressed Real Estate

Environmental Science and Engineering Partners, LLC (ESE), has been offering unique investment strategies to the real estate market for the past 12 years. This strategy is based on the concept of investing in environmentally distressed properties which can be managed through environmental science and engineering. ESE’s team of Environmental Scientists and Engineers assist their clients by navigating through the complexities of environmental regulations within the financial thresholds of a viable land investment. ESE’s promise is to recognize and deliver opportunity to stakeholders while at the same time improving the community’s quality of life. According to ESE’s President and CEO, Bryan Gay, ESE along with their clients, are making the unusable, usable, Making Brownfields Green.

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Bank Due Diligence Experience

#ESEPartners knows bank due diligence! We have worked with over 40 #nationwide #banks ensuring #topnotch #due #diligence efforts.

Contact Kathryn O’Gorman, P.G., our Managing Director for Due Diligence, if you are in the process of a real estate transaction. #environmental #duediligence

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Environmental Desktop Review

Completing real estate due diligence from our home offices with desktop reviews are just one way how ESE is responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving. 

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Exit Assessments

Not renewing your lease this term? Contact ESE for an Environmental Exit Assessment to mitigate any environmental liabilities onsite.

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