Dallas Air Emissions Inventory

The Texas Emissions Inventory is designed to gather air pollutant data throughout Texas in order to report this data to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and inform efforts to protect human health and the environment. You may be required to submit a Dallas air emissions inventory if your facility is a chemical or electric utility plant, refinery or other industrial site. If you find yourself applicable to this reporting requirement, ESE Partners can help you prepare and submit an air emissions inventory in Dallas, TX that is accurate and comprehensive.


What is an Air Emissions Inventory?

An emissions inventory is an annual survey to account for the amount of regulated air pollutants released into the atmosphere. Companies that complete a Dallas air emissions inventory report this data to the TCEQ who uses this information to raise public awareness and target regulatory actions.

Common pollutants that trigger the need to prepare an air emissions inventory in Dallas TX are sulfur dioxide, lead, some of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other types of contaminants. If your facility is required to meet the requirements of 30 TAC 101.10(a), then you’ll likely need an air emissions inventory.


How We Can Help

Preparing an air emissions inventory in Dallas TX is an involved process that requires mathematical modelling and state specific reporting processes. Our team at ESE Partners has extensive experience performing all necessary steps to develop an emissions inventory. Contact ESE Partners to see how we can you report your Dallas air emissions inventory.


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