Dallas Cemetery Documentation And Relocation

At times, Dallas cemetery documentation and relocation is necessary as cemeteries are in danger of disturbance by planned construction such as development of subdivisions, roads, and municipal infrastructure. State laws protect all cemeteries from disturbance whether cemetery boundaries and individual graves are well-marked or not. To ensure compliance and due diligence, it is imperative for project proponents to take the necessary steps for cemetery documentation and relocation in Dallas TX.

Many development projects in Dallas have led to the discovery of previously unknown cemeteries. While some cemeteries exhibit well-marked gravesites that make cemetery documentation and relocation in Dallas TX easy and straightforward, others are not well-marked and are only discovered during early phases of a development project. Most cemeteries pf historic age have numerous unmarked graves than may fall outside of an assumed boundary. In these cases, cemetery documentation and relocation in Dallas TX can identify these grave before they are disturbed.

Burial grounds are of historic significance and their avoidance and protection should be the highest priority.  Dallas cemetery documentation and relocation must be done with great care. Land development, whether for apartments, retail, residential subdivision, infrastructure, or park, need responsible, thorough Dallas cemetery documentation and relocation when necessary for their project.


Professional Firm for Cemetery Documentation and Relocation in Dallas TX

Professional firms can provide an avoidance and protection plan or a restoration plan for historic cemeteries. They can produce accurate maps and provide a record of the paths, topography, and grave markers.

Qualified environmental specialists can help identify and provide the types of investigations necessary for cemetery, delineation, and documentation. Although a last resort, relocation may prove unavoidable if necessitated by construction constraints.


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