Dallas Clean Water Act

The discharge of pollutants into Texas waters is a serious issue. ESE Partners has many clients doing their due diligence regarding the Dallas clean water act. Whether you’re an oil/gas company extracting valuable resources or you’re a commercial real estate developer, you must comply with environmental regulations.


Your Development Project and the CWA in Dallas TX

The clean water act in Dallas TX is worth paying attention to so that your development project runs smoothly and on time. ESE Partners is a valuable resource for land developers as an environmental consulting firm. We serve the following categories of companies and people on a daily basis:

  1. Environmental companies
  2. Real estate lawyers
  3. Brokers for industrial and land
  4. Developers
  5. REITs
  6. Project Managers
  7. Gas/Oil extraction teams
  8. Owners

Many of our clients are well aware of the Dallas clean water act as it pertains to their disposal of produced water during the life of their project. ESE Partners keeps your company or agency in the know about environmental regulations. Our clients want to adhere to all laws pertaining to the clean water act in Dallas TX and other necessary parameters.


Keeping Texas Waters Clean and Potable: Dallas CWA

The CWA in Dallas TX helps us protect one of our most valuable resources on Earth: water. With ESE Partners on your side, your company can avoid costly delays. We’ve been specializing in environmental compliance since 2007 on issues such as the Dallas CWA.

Our clients value our expertise held by the top scientists and engineers in their fields. Furthermore, we answer your questions quickly and accurately. Every consultation we do helps our clients achieve their project timeline goals. ESE Partners knows that one of the biggest frustrations for developers is hiring environmental consultants that don’t respond and act with a sense of urgency. When you hire us, you have our full attention!


Contact Us for Environmental Consulting

If you have questions about Dallas clean water act or other environmental due diligence, ESE Partners is ready to help.

Give us a call at 469.983.8600 or email us at: dallassupport@esepartners.com.


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