Dallas Cultural Resources Management

Dallas cultural resources management includes a number of services such as feasibility studies, avoidance plans, historic structural reports, cultural resource surveys, National Register of Historic Places Testing, and data recovery/mitigation studies.

Responsible Dallas cultural resources management complies with state and local guidelines and works alongside government and non-governmental organizations that serve to protect structures and sites of historic significance.

Aside from buildings and objects, cultural resources management in Dallas TX encompasses various types of historic and contemporary sites. This can include:

  • Railways
  • Houses
  • Historic districts
  • Bridges
  • Historic properties
  • Archeological sites

Cultural resources management in Dallas TX can include a number of items but what determines them as significant is their contribution to the understanding of an area’s culture, history, style, feel, or other significance such as religious, traditional, or scientific. A site or structure of local, regional, or national significance falling under specific criteria may be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  NRHP listing can provided added layer of protection and preservation for the property.


Cultural Management Specialists

Dallas cultural resources management experts at ESE can provide guidance in navigating state and federal law affecting development. As industry specialists, we are well versed in cultural resource subject matter and can identify, evaluate, document, and manage historic and prehistoric cultural resource items.

Cultural resources management in Dallas TX can provide your business with the necessary framework to move your project forward. They know the requirements and can provide an accurate environmental risk assessment in addition to other professional cultural resources services.


Environmental Science and Engineering Partners

To move your project in the right direction, contact Environmental Science and Engineering Partners (ESE). Our distinctive team of scientists and environmental engineers can provide you with assessment, remediation, compliance, cultural resource management, and other business science related services.

ESE continually delivers opportunity to shareholders and provides environmental solutions that can improve the quality of life in a given area.

Learn how ESE Partners can help you. Provide an online proposal for your project or reach our Dallas office by phone at 469.983.8600.


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