Dallas Environmental Engineering Firms

Dallas Environmental Engineering Firms

Dallas environmental engineering firms can be a worthy asset for anyone that is facing environmental issues or needs with a commercial or industrial property.

Whether you’re someone who is acquiring, leasing, re-financing or planning a development project for a piece of land, it’s important that you have qualified professionals in your corner who are able to identify, and address, any of a variety of potential environmental problems.

As trusted environmental engineering consultants in Dallas TX, ESE Partners works with clients that belong to a wide range of industries. We offer insight and answers on environmental issues that range from compliance and remediation to due diligence, industrial hygiene and the responsible management of natural resources.

As your choice in environmental engineering firms in Dallas TX, we will work diligently to help you achieve such outcomes as:

  • Identifying potential environmental liabilities. Our Dallas environmental engineering consultants can carry out Phase 1 & 2 environmental site assessments (ESA) and other inspections to identify any recognized environmental conditions.
  • Quantify those environmental liabilities. It’s one thing to identify an environmental problem but it’s a completely other thing to gauge how it will impact your project financially. Our environmental engineering consultants in Dallas TX can help you develop an avenue for addressing environmental problems and give you an idea of what it will cost.
  • Achieve regulatory closure. As your choice in Dallas environmental engineering firms, we work until your remediation and cleanup work is accepted and approved by the necessary governmental agencies.
  • Facilitate loan closing. Most commercial or industrial real estate transactions require an ESA before a bank or lending institution is willing to fund a transaction. ESE Partners provides Phase 1 & 2 ESAs and reports that can include all the information needed for your business purposes.

Talk to our team and see what makes us different from other Dallas environmental engineering firms. We’re confident you will find ESE Partners to provide quality, cost-efficient service and innovative environmental problem solving!