Dallas Environmental Assessment

Dallas Environmental Assessment

ESE Partners is comprised of a qualified team of experts who are ready to provide comprehensive Dallas environmental assessment for land development projects.

Before purchasing property to develop, it’s important that you have a clear picture of the potential environmental hazards that might be included. Property owners are liable to address environmental problems, so if you purchase property without knowing about contaminants or other hazards, you will eventually be responsible for cleaning them up.

That’s why ESE Partners provides environmental assessment for land development in Dallas TX. We have a variety of insightful tests and assessments that will provide you with the information needed to make an informed property acquisition.

Administering Phase 1 & 2 environmental site assessments (ESA)

These are the most thorough forms of Dallas environmental assessment for land development and they include comprehensive reports that can help guide your next steps in addressing any environmental hazards or needs.

Phase 1 of an environmental site assessment consists of a visit to your property and a visual inspection of the area. Our team will also closely review the history of your property, which can shed a light on whether or not contaminates or other hazards might be present.

If Phase 1 reveals problematic findings (i.e. recognized environmental conditions), we can move on to a Phase 2 ESA as the next form of environmental assessment for land development in Dallas TX. 

This is where our team collects soil, groundwater and other media from potentially contaminated areas and we test them in a lab. Not only can we confirm the presence of contaminants, but this information helps us guide you to the most effective method of managing them.

Protect people, the environment and your land development project

ESE Partners also provides desktop environmental reports and transaction screen assessments, which are essentially pared-down versions of Phase 1 and 2 ESA. The end result will be important — insightful information to move your project forward.

Connect with a leader in environmental consulting and let ESE Partners handle your Dallas environmental assessment for land development and other needs!