Dallas Environmental Compliance Audit

An accurate, complete Dallas environmental compliance audit can help your company not only avoid severe penalties for non-compliance, it can also help you keep your community healthy. ESE Partners can help ensure your environmental compliance audit in Dallas TX is performed efficiently and affordably. We will work extremely hard to ensure your operations are in total compliance with all state and federal regulations.


How Do Companies Violate Compliance Laws?

A Dallas environmental compliance audit can help your company avoid the fate we’ve seen far too many others suffer – severe fines and penalties due to violations. Regulatory agencies will typically take the following points into consideration when determining the punishment for a violation.

  • Was it a one-time mistake, or have the violations been ongoing for an extended amount of time?
  • Was the violation due to an emergency, such as an accidental spill?
  • What type of media were affected – water, land, air or all of them?
  • Could the violation potentially have a detrimental effect on the health of employees as well as the general public?
  • Is there evidence of any sort of fraud associated with the violation?

By conducting a thorough environmental compliance audit in Dallas TX, you can identify potential problem areas before they lead to regulatory scrutiny – and help you avoid regulators having to ask these questions of your operations.

If you’re at risk of either of the following violations, please contact ESE Partners as soon as possible so we can recommend ways to address them.

  • Releases or spills – These involve any accidental releases of contaminants into the land, air or water. It may involve a gradual leak coming from a container, or a sudden break or spill.
  • Illegal use of chemicals – Many industrial operations use chemicals, and regulators know which ones have to do so in order to stay in business. However, if companies use banned chemicals, they can face extremely harsh penalties.

Learn more about how ESE Partners can help you produce the highest quality Dallas environmental compliance audit possible. A representative with our Dallas office will be glad to provide the information you need.


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