Dallas Environmental Testing For Real Estate

At ESE Partners, we provide extensive Dallas environmental testing for commercial real estate. Our comprehensive and compliant reports will identify any environmental hazards or issues that you might be facing.

Identifying recognized environmental conditions (RECs) before acquiring a property is crucial, as the original land owner is tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up or managing the hazard.

If you purchase property without environmental testing for commercial real estate in Dallas TX, you could be held liable to manage any environmental hazards, even if you didn’t know about them.

Why choose ESE Partners for your environmental testing for commercial real estate in Dallas TX?

Here at ESE Partners, we have been in this business since opening our doors in 2007. Our headquarters is located in Houston but we also have an office here in Dallas in addition to San Antonio and Austin.

As an organization that is devoted to responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving, ESE Partners is a helpful resource for Dallas environmental testing for commercial real estate. We benefit our clients with:

  • A wide range of testing and assessment services. From Phase I & II environmental site assessments (ESA) to asbestos containing material surveys (ACMS) and more.
  • The industry-leading environmental scientists and engineers on our staff.
  • A dedication to providing service that will exceed your expectations and help you understand the extent of your environmental needs. Once we’ve identified the problems, we can help you effectively address them.

Before you acquire property, or embark on a land development project, make sure that you have a firm grasp on any environmental hazards that could compromise people, the environment and your project.

ESE Partners is ready to provide you with Dallas environmental testing for commercial real estate and other due diligence services. Our team is ready to help you identify, and overcome, environmental problems facing your property — consult with us right now.


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