Ever since Congress enacted the Clean Water Act of 1972, landowners have needed a company they can trust for their Dallas individual permit wetlands services. Getting the proper permits and mitigating the impact of any land development on the wetlands has to be handled with care, which is why so many individuals and companies turn to ESE Partners.

Our environmental experts, engineers and scientists are committed to helping our clients with not only individual permits for wetlands in Dallas TX but all the associated environmental permits and work that may be required.


Why Turn to ESE Partners for Dallas Individual Permits for Wetlands?

At ESE, we put our clients first. When you work with us, you’ll find our team is responsive to your questions, transparent in their communications and committed to customer satisfaction.

Because our wetlands scientists have extensive experience with a variety of nationwide and individual permits for wetlands in Dallas TX, we can take the burden off your back as you work to meet federal, state and local requirements. To that end, we offer a broad array of related services, including:

  • Document preparation for requests for jurisdictional determinations
  • Clean Water Act Section 404 permits for review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Mitigation monitoring to ensure that permit conditions are properly followed
  • Presence/absence surveys and habitat assessments for federally endangered species
  • Acoustics monitoring and analysis for bat and herpetological species
  • Biological monitoring and post-construction mortality studies
  • Site characterization studies and critical issues analysis
  • Wetland delineations to properly identify and map the extent of each wetland area

Our rates are competitive, with above average, and that’s exactly what you need when you have a project that depends on a speedy approval of individual permits for wetlands in Dallas TX.


Contact Us Today for Dallas Individual Permits for Wetlands

Protect your investment by working with the best environmental consultants in the area. We can get you the timely, accurate information you need to keep your project on track. Call ESE Partners for a reliable partnership that won’t leave you disappointed at 469-938-8600 or email us at dallassupport@esepartners.com.


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