Dallas Navigable Waters

Are you a commercial real estate developer or oil/gas company looking for guidance from a leading environmental consulting firm? ESE Partners hires the top engineers and scientists from around the world so our expertise is exceptional. We’re headquartered in Texas, with offices around the state. Many of our clients have questions about Dallas navigable waters and how to stay compliant with current laws and regulations as they build their development projects, including Section 404 permitting.

If ESE Partners had to summarize our mission and intent, it would read something like this:

Above all, we strive to foster the thoughtful utilization of all resources while also being caring stewards of them. We exhort our clients to do the same. We all have a huge stake in the natural environment even though we are also robustly helping to expand the built environment.

For insight about what ESE Partners does with navigable waters in Dallas TX, a quick thumbnail description of the Navigable Waters Protection Rule might give you a better idea. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of the Army:

“The Navigable Waters Protection Rule protects the environment while respecting states, localities, tribes, and private property owners. It clearly delineates where federal regulations apply and gives state and local authorities more flexibility to determine how best to manage waters within their borders.”

What we do with Dallas navigable waters aligns perfectly with our role in being client partners in environmental compliance.

ESE Partners Communicates with You

We emphatically believe in the power and necessity of continual communication, whether we are dealing with navigable waters in Dallas TX or another facet of the environment. We can promise you this: You will be informed and routinely updated about everything we handle for you. We won’t leave you in the dark, even for a moment. We value your belief in us and don’t ever take it for granted.

Bringing ESE Partners In

We are enthusiastic about contributing our capability to what you are doing with navigable waters in Dallas TX. We stand ready to make a significant difference for you when you need assistance with Dallas navigable waters. Phone us at 469-983-8600.


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