Dallas Phase 1 Cultural Resources Assessments

ESE Partners provides Dallas Phase I cultural resources assessments you need to identify significant cultural sites that may be at risk from the effects of commercial development. The findings of Phase I cultural resources assessments in Dallas TX can help you understand liabilities associated with the project and develop responsible solutions.

Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments in Dallas TX can evaluate an area and identify historic cultural resources therein. Non-destructive methods are utilized and can include footwork, historic research, and interviews. These can offer insight and help the team during the discovery process.

Dallas Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments identify historic significance in an area and make recommendations as how best to conserve or protect a site in accordance with federal and state laws. They provide a reference to human activity and Dallas Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments can help preserve these sites and objects of cultural significance.

Some of the most common types of cultural resources identified during Phase 1 Cultural Resources assessments include manmade structures, prehistoric sites, cemeteries, and historical land sites.

In the event Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments in Dallas TX indicate the presence of significant prehistoric or historic cultural resources, a Phase II assessment may follow. During this phase, intensive investigative methods, such as grid shovel testing of the area of excavationof hand-dug units, can provide further information about the significance and eligibility of the site for federal and state protections. The collected data can then be analyzed and determined it if meets the National Register of Historic Places (NHRP) criteria.

Often development projects can adjust on the findings of Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments in Dallas TX and Phase II NRHP eligibility testing. This may include avoidance of the site area by relocating portions of the development. When this is not possible, a Phase 3 site mitigation or data recovery may prove necessary.

Environmental Science and Engineering Partners (ESE Partners) provides a number of industries cultural resource assessments and surveys that can identify areas of significance in your project development.

Our highly qualified team can accurately assess and document findings that you can provide to stakeholders, financial institution, or any other concerned parties.

We provide a variety of services that can help determine your project’s environmental risk so that you can make responsible decisions on how you can proceed.

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