If you are looking to work with experts to handle your environmental due diligence needs, then we invite you to connect with the team at ESE Partners, where our staff can administer a through Dallas Phase I ESA in addition to a wide range of other inspections and assessments.

What is a Dallas Phase I environmental report?

A Dallas Phase one environmental study through ESE Partners is an independent assessment of a parcel of property to determine the likelihood of contaminates or other environmental hazards. Through a visual site inspection and a careful examination of the history of the land (i.e. documents, interviews with former owners, etc.) the experts at ESE Partners are able to determine the chances an environmental hazards might be present.

A Phase I ESA in Dallas TX is often required by a bank or lending institution during a real estate transaction. And, if a strong likelihood of potential hazards is present, our staff can follow up with further assessments (i.e. Phase II ESA in Dallas TX) and other methods of management or removal.

Why rely on ESE Partners for a Phase I or Phase II environmental report in Dallas TX?

The due diligence phase of any property acquisition or project is important. By working with our team for a Dallas Phase I ESA, and subsequent services, you will get:

  • A comprehensive assessment by qualified experts. You can trust that the information contained in your report is thorough, complete and is analysis that is provided by industry leading environmental consultants.
  • Service that accommodates your needs. Whether you have a multi-site project, or require a quick turnaround time, we’ll do what we can to cater to your needs.
  • Full-service environmental consulting. In addition to Phase I and Phase II ESA in Dallas TX, our team is a resource for all types of environmental problem solving — compliance, remediation, industrial hygiene and more.

Gain helpful information and knowledgeable insight into the environmental condition of your property by working with ESE Partners for a Dallas Phase I ESA and other important services.


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