Conduct a thorough and complete Dallas phase one environmental site assessment on a property that you are buying, selling, refinancing or developing by connecting with the dedicated staff at ESE Partners.

Environmental due diligence should be the first order of business when you’re doing anything with real estate. If contaminants or other environmental liabilities exist on a property, it’s important to understand the severity of those liabilities so that they can be addressed properly.

Our phase one environmental consultants in Dallas TX will analyze the history of your property to determine if there are any recognized environmental conditions. They’ll examine what the property was used for in the past and look at other factors to determine if further testing for contamination might be in order.

Who needs a phase one environmental site assessment in Dallas TX?

When it comes to environmental due diligence, this is one of the most essential surveys for your property. 

Working with our Dallas phase one environmental consultants can benefit:

  • Lenders: Many lenders cannot close on a loan without a Dallas phase one environmental site assessment. This ensures their deal will not be derailed by unforeseen environmental issues.
  • Buyers: If you’re purchasing a property, you’re also inheriting the environmental liabilities that come with it. You will be responsible for addressing problems as the owner. Our phase one environmental consultants In Dallas TX will work to help you protect your investment.
  • Anyone with a stake in a real estate development project: This can cover a broad range of people — banks, lenders, investors and more. ESE Partners is dedicated to driving value to stakeholders and also benefiting the local communities that we serve.

Learn more about the Dallas phase one environmental site assessment process by connecting with the dedicated, professionally diverse staff at ESE Partners. We’re standing by to hear from you.


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