Dallas Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment

Welcome to ESE Partners, where our team can streamline a Dallas phase two environmental site assessment (ESA) in addition to a variety of other assessments, inspections and screenings that go into the due diligence process.

If you are buying, selling or developing real estate, identifying the environmental liabilities present on that property is one of the most important things you can do. If you purchase land with contamination or other issues, you are responsible to address them — and it can be costly.

Through a phase two environmental site survey in Dallas TX, ESE Partners is able to provide a definitive answer on whether or not contamination is present on your property. If so, we can go over the findings with you and help you plot out a potential plan of action to address the problem.

A variety of businesses and professionals — banks, lenders, investors, land developers, etc. — rely on our team for a phase two environmental site assessment in Dallas TX because our team is:

  • Trained: Our staff is trained in the most cutting-edge methods and on the most innovative tools to ensure that we provide an effective, accurate Dallas phase two environmental site survey.
  • Licensed: As a team licensed to administer a Dallas phase two environmental site assessment, we make sure that our work lives up to the latest standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials.
  • Experienced: ESE Partners has been providing a wide range of environmental consulting services since opening for business back in 2007. We leverage our decades of experience on staff to provide clients with thorough, insightful work.

The due diligence process generally starts with a phase one ESA, but if we identify reason for concern, a phase two ESA is an effective way to further explore the matter.

We’d love to talk with you more about your needs. Connect with the staff at ESE Partners right now and talk to us about the Dallas phase two environmental site assessment process.


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