Dallas Section 404 Permit

As a real estate developer or someone working in the oil and gas or upstream exploration industries, securing a Dallas section 404 permit may be one of your responsibilities. This is one of many details you may have to take care of to comply with all applicable health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations. Keeping up with and executing these responsibilities can prove challenging, and why you should partner with Environmental Science and Engineering Partners (ESE) to help see this process through.

You likely understand why regulators require you to secure a section 404 permit in Dallas TX. It’s a requirement under the Clean Water Act. This federal law requires you to secure a Dallas section 404 permit before releasing fill or dredged material into United States waters. Some of the basics surrounding this permitting process are below.


What Does the Section 404 Process Involve?

To get a section 404 permit in Dallas TX, you must submit an application to the Corps of Engineers. You must secure a Dallas section 404 permit whether your discharge of fill materials is temporary or permanent. Dischargeable materials might include dirt, rock or sand.


How Can ESE Make It Pain-Free to Secure Your Permit?

ESE first opened its doors here in Texas in 2007. We have since grown to become the premier environmental consulting firm in the region. We’ve experienced significant growth since our inception and have received many commendations from our peers.

When you work with ESE, you can count on us for any HSE needs that may arise, even beyond securing a section 404 permit in Dallas TX. We have specialists well-versed in:

  • Industrial hygiene
  • Remediation
  • Natural resources

As is the case with securing a Dallas section 404 permit, our focus is on doing due diligence and remaining compliant at all times. We know our customers have an eye on their bottom line. Thus, we aim to carry out our responsibilities as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. Experience what’s it’s like to work with a company that prides itself on being attentive to customer needs and values its feedback. We can be reached by email at dallassupport@esepartners.com or by phone at (469) 983-8600. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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