Dallas Wetland Delineation Survey

Dallas Wetland Delineation Survey

ESE Partners provides a wide range of natural resource permitting and assessment services, including our Dallas wetland delineation survey capabilities. Our team can provide a careful survey of your property to identify, and define the boundaries of, any wetlands that might be present.

Why is a wetland delineation survey in Dallas TX necessary?

Wetlands are subject to relatively extensive federal and state regulations. Because they are quite beneficial for local environments and ecosystems (i.e. in some cases they purify drinking water supplies) it’s important that wetlands are preserved both here in Dallas and throughout the rest of the country.

As a wetland consultant in Dallas TX, we will make sure that all wetland areas on your property are properly identified and that the necessary regulatory reporting and permitting is carried out in order to keep you in compliance.

We bring tremendous knowledge and experience to this process, making our team a Dallas wetland consultant that a wide range of clients have leaned upon for this important environmental work.

Aren’t wetlands easy to identify? Can I do it on my own?

A Dallas wetland delineation survey takes a close look at components like soil and vegetation, which are two key components in identifying an official wetland area. 

Not all wetlands are saturated year-round — they might seem easy to identify to the naked eye, but areas that flood seldom throughout the year are much trickier. Working with a skilled wetland consultant in Dallas TX is a must.

Connect with ESE Partners for your questions or concerns

Whether your previous delineation report is outdated, or you’re looking for a resource to conduct a survey and complete a report for the first time, ESE Partners is ready to assist. Connect with our team to learn more about a Dallas wetland delineation survey and the many other services we provide.