Fort Worth Archeology Surveys

Fort Worth archeology surveys provide essential information about potentially significant sites falling within a project area. This information may be a critical component to project design and planning. The investigation can identify and define cultural and archaeological information that may require avoidance and may materially change the following steps of project development.


Cultural Resources and Their Effects on Development

Archeology surveys in Fort Worth TX identify areas and objects of historic significance. Typically, at least 50 years of age, federal and state law offers some protections to these resources. Environmental permitting may require archeological survey to identify potentially significant sites.

If a project is being conducted on property owned or managed by a political subdivision of the state, is being funded by states funds, or may affect an historic cemetery or landmark, the Texas Historical Commission (THC) will request Fort Worth archeology surveys before breaking ground on a project. This process consists of fieldwork, research, and report preparation.

The final report summarizes the findings of the archeology surveys in Fort Worth TX and is filed with the lead review agency, and project proponent. Whether the site contained cultural resources or not, the final report is filed to fulfil state requirements.

If the archeology surveys in Fort Worth TX determine the existence of cultural resources, suggestions for project redesign and site avoidance are made to minimize disturbing the significant area. In some instances, continued monitoring during the construction phase becomes necessary.


ESE Partners

ESE Partners provides a range of environmental services for a number of clients that meet industry standards, regulatory reporting requirements, and field investigations.

In addition to Fort Worth archeology surveys, ESE Partners can alert you of potential environmental liabilities such as:

  • Groundwater contamination
  • Soil contamination
  • Indoor air quality
  • Asbestos containing materials

We stand behind 6 core values:

  • Understand-Understand issues
  • Deliver-Exceed expectations
  • Innovate-Design solutions
  • Quality-Highest quality
  • People-Qualified team
  • Celebrate-Recognize success

The expert team at ESE can provide your industry the support you need for the environmental challenges you face. Through assessment, remediation, compliance, natural and cultural resource, and business science services, we deliver results and improve community quality of life.

Contact ESE Partners and let us know the objectives of your project. We work to provide innovative solutions tailored to project needs while adhering to industry standards and compliance. Contact our local Dallas office location at 469.983.8600 or submit a proposal request through our site.


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