Fort Worth Asbestos Containing Materials Surveys

Fort Worth Asbestos Containing Materials Surveys

If you are in the market for a comprehensive Fort Worth asbestos containing materials survey that is conducted by industry-leading environmental experts, then we invite you to connect with our team at ESE Partners.

At ESE Partners, we are headquartered in Houston but have office locations in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. We serve these metro areas by providing a comprehensive assortment of environmental consulting services, helping businesses and individuals to conquer even complicated and extensive environmental issues on their properties.

Our ACM surveys in Fort Worth TX are an important part of the due diligence process. Here’s why.

Why you might need an asbestos containing materials survey in Fort Worth TX

Even though health officials identified asbestos as a dangerous carcinogen decades ago, it’s still widely found in commercial buildings. If you are acquiring a building, or planning the demolition of one, it’s important that you utilize Fort Worth ACM surveys to first identify the presence of this cancer-causing hazard.

ESE Partners provides a thorough Fort Worth asbestos containing materials survey that does exactly that. This effort includes:

  • A field inspection
  • Material sampling and lab analysis
  • A thorough report compiled and submitted to the necessary agencies

Through our ACM surveys in Fort Worth TX, our team of environmental experts will be able to identify the presence of asbestos-containing materials and then help you develop an effective plan to address it.

Our team is available to work with you to deal with asbestos in a way that it is no longer a hazard, whether that means sealing ACMs up to lock in asbestos or removing it all together. With the help of ESE Partners, your building will be safe and in compliance with all federal, state and municipal safety regulations.

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Whether through a Fort Worth asbestos containing materials survey, or other due diligence, remediation and compliance services, ESE Partners is responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving. Rely on our knowledge and expertise for your environmental needs.