Fort Worth Cultural Resources Management

Fort Worth cultural resources management helps to protect and preserve sites of local, regional, and national significance. Your environmental consultant can assist you with cultural resources management in Fort Worth TX as it pertains to your project permitting.


Issues that Affect Cultural Resources Management in Fort Worth TX

Typically, enforcement and abiding preservation laws and policies affect development projects. Whether your project falls under a state or federal nexus, ESE Partner’s can help with your project’s Fort Worth cultural resources management needs.


Site Recordation

Before construction can begin, federal or state permitting may require a cultural resources survey. Work begins with a desktop review to answer questions about the subject tract and identify any previously recorded archeological sites or historic properties on the tract. Next an archeological survey is conducted adhering to Council of Texas Archeologist’s guidelines (updated 2020). Any existing sites are revisited and new sites are documented using the standard State of Texas Site Form. Next, a report of investigations is written detailing the work performed and describing the sites documented. The report is reviewed by the client and is then submitted to the lead reviewing agency. Your project can benefit from ESE Partner’s help Fort Worth cultural resources management.

With sound cultural resources management in Fort Worth TX and evidence-based practices, effective solutions can preservice the integrity of culturally and historically significant sites. Landmarks, building, and landscapes tell a story and Fort Worth cultural resources management can ensure that story continues.


Effective Measures that Can Help Advance Your Project

ESE Partners provides environmental consulting services that can advance your project. The ESE framework is based on best practices and can meet federal and state compliance.

ESE Partners provides environmental consulting, permitting, and remediation services to a diverse clientele. A few industries to which we provide our services include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Residential and Commercial Developers
  • Industrial Use
  • Municipalities
  • Transportation
  • Federal and State-funded Projects

Environmental Solutions for Your Project Needs

Request a proposal for your project needs so you can better understand your environmental risks. ESE can provide you with responsible solutions that can improve the Fort Worth community while meeting your commitment to stakeholders.

Reach our qualified DFW team online or reach us by phone at 469.983.8600


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