Fort Worth Environmental Due Diligence Audit

A Fort Worth environmental due diligence audit is generally a necessity when it comes to completing a commercial or industrial real estate transaction. Most banks and lending institutions want to know that they are funding a real estate transaction that won’t become derailed by environmental issues.

At ESE Partners, we’ve been in the business of environmental consulting since we opened back in 2007. With our headquarters in Houston and offices in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, we provide environmental due diligence services in Fort Worth TX that includes:

  • Phase I & II environmental site assessments (ESA)
  • Property condition assessments (PCAs)
  • Desktop reviews
  • Transaction screens
  • Record search risk assessments (RSRAs)
  • Oil and gas pre-drill assessments
  • And, more

While these Fort Worth environmental due diligence services might vary in their methods, they all accomplish the same thing — they provide clients with helpful information that outlines the contaminants, hazards and other environmental risks associated with a property.

Problem-solving starts with an environmental due diligence audit in Fort Worth TX

ESE Partners responsibly moves business forward through environmental problem solving. However, we can’t start to help our clients solve their problems until we have an accurate gauge of what those problems are.

That’s why a Fort Worth environmental due diligence audit is important. Through due diligence, our team can provide you with detailed reports that allow us help you fully understand the nature of your environmental problem and we’ll work closely with you to develop a way to overcome it.

Rely on an industry-leader for environmental due diligence services in Fort Worth TX

ESE Partners is a trusted resource for clients that belong to industries that range from oil and gas to financial institutions and government agencies. 

We have the expert environmental engineers and scientists needed to provide you with insight and answers when it comes to issues of compliance, remediation, due diligence, industrial hygiene and natural resources.

When it comes time to acquire, re-finance or lease a commercial property, do not skip the most crucial phase of the process. Rely on the staff here at ESE Partners for a Fort Worth environmental due diligence audit.

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