Fort Worth Jurisdictional Determinations

If you’re seeking a section 401 or 404 permit, which is necessary to release any backfill such as sand or rock back into U.S. waters, then one of the first steps in this process is to secure Fort Worth jurisdictional determinations. We have experience securing these here at Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) Partners and can help you navigate this process.

Securing jurisdictional determinations in Fort Worth TX, as you might know, is the initial step to securing section 401 or 404 permits. It involves the assessment of wetlands, streams and aquatic features that are located within the project’s boundaries to see if it qualifies as waters of the U.S. (WOTUS).

Why Are Fort Worth Jurisdictional Determinations So Important?

There are both jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional waters. The former might include wetlands, lakes, tributaries, territorial seas and lakes. The latter may include ditches, swales, waste treatment systems and artificial bodies of water. It’s imperative that the specialist that you hire is thoroughly familiar with rendering jurisdictional determinations in Fort Worth TX, including whether the body of water that you’re looking to put your backfill into is appropriate. You may sink exorbitant amounts of money into securing permits only to end up having to abandon the project.

Why Should You Count on Us Here at ESE?

Our environmental consultants are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. They have practical experience from having worked in similar roles as you in the health, safety and environment space, and continue to fine-tune their expertise in these areas every day. Our talented consultants have experience working with managers in the following industries with their Fort Worth jurisdictional determinations:

  • Real estate development
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Manufacturing
  • Alternative energy

These are only a few of the many industries that we assist when a need for jurisdictional determinations in Fort Worth TX arises.

When you opt to work with us, you can expect to receive qualified, attentive service from day one. We know your goal is to remain compliant, and we’ll aid you in due diligence to ensure that you do just that. Call us at (512) 859-6500 or drop us a line at so that we can go over what to expect as part of the Fort Worth jurisdictional determinations process with you.


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