Fort Worth National Register of Historic Places

The Fort Worth National  Register of Historic Places is a federal registry of significant objects, sites, buildings, and structures. Once identified as historically or culturally significant, the NRHP in Fort Worth TX can protect these preservation worthy landmarks.

Fort Worth holds numerous properties of historic significance. Some Fort Worth National Register of Historic Places include, the late Gothic revival architectural style of the Allen Chapel on Elm Street, the Romanesque façade of Stephen F. Austin Elementary School located on Lipscomb Street, and the Spanish and Colonial Revival Elizabeth Boulevard Historic District located along Elizabeth Boulevard.

The National Register of Historic Places in Fort Worth TX is not limited to a single structure or dwelling. As mentioned above, the Elizabeth Boulevard District as well as several other architecturally significant neighborhoods appear in Fort Worth NRHP. The Fort Worth Stockyards is yet another protected historic district. With its original walkways and landmark buildings, the preservation of the Fort Worth Stockyards offers visitors a glimpse of another place and time where railroads and livestock reigned.

You can research historic properties and Fort Worth history in the basement of the Preservation Resource Center located in Fort Worth. Here you can find historic photographs, maps, and surveys. Historic photographs can prove valuable in determining the original construction and materials of a structure.

Renovation of designated NRHP in Fort Worth TX requires adherence to certain standards. Rehab projects can prove a challenge. Preservation of the structural integrity and federal, state, and local regulations can limit the types of alterations and demolitions of places recognized under The National Register of Historic Places in Fort Worth TX.

Places of Historical Significance and Compliance

Regulations surrounding Fort Worth NRHP and its sites and structures continuously change. To remain compliant and environmentally responsible during historical remediation or renovation projects, ESE Partners can provide assessment, compliance, and building sciences for any application, including those designated under Fort Worth National Register of Historic Places.


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