Fort Worth Phase 1 Cultural Resources Assessments

As due diligence, Fort Worth Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments can help move your business forward. To maintain environmental compliance, rely on ESE Partners for Phase 1 Cultural Resources Assessments in Fort Worth TX.

Phase 1 surveys and assessments can help you design and develop environmentally sound solutions that can meet stakeholder obligations while serving the community and environment. As a non-destructive first step, Fort Worth Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments can provide the data you need to move forward with your project development.

Consisting of archival research and on-site fieldwork, Phase 1 Cultural Resources Assessments in Fort Worth TX can inform you of landscapes and objects of historic importance present within a proposed development. When these resources meet the criteria of the National Register of Historic Places (NHRP) or to be a Texas State Antiquities Landmark (SAL), preservation methods must be utilized.

Cultural resources can be manifested in a variety ways but all indicate past human activity. Areas of significance can include prehistoric collected objects or sites, buildings, canals, or contemporary structures that signify and characterize a place, style, or custom in history or prehistory. Cultural resources help people understand their history and their preservation benefits people for years to come. Cultural resources also provide more than just history. They can increase community involvement, stimulate economy through conservation effort jobs and tourism.

Federal preservation laws limit action and Phase II and elp guide decisions that affect the environment and historically significant sites. To limit destruction of cultural objects and locations, comprehensive Fort Worth Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments can provide the necessary data to construct responsible strategies and solutions that can satisfy stakeholders while protecting the needs of the community and state and federal laws. Mitigation efforts may prove necessary to minimize or avoid adverse effects on historic properties.


Move Your Project Forward Responsibly

ESE Partners provides Phase I Cultural Resources Assessments in Fort Worth TX that can move your project forward. As environmental experts, our highly qualified team can assess and develop mitigation efforts that can enhance your project planning and meet The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Section 106 compliance.

Contact and learn how we can help you move forward through responsible environmental efforts by partnering with ESE Partners.


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