Fort Worth Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

With a Fort Worth Phase 2 environmental site assessment through ESE Partners, you can understand the environmental hazards that are plaguing your property, or a property that you are thinking about acquiring.

Knowing the contaminants and other hazards on a property is important, not just to protect nearby people and the environment as a whole, but to ensure that an unknown hazard does not derail your land transaction or development project.

ESE Partners provides an extensive range of due diligence services. A Phase 2 environmental inspection in Fort Worth TX is just one of the many different tests and screenings that we can administer.

We have qualified professionals to handle your Fort Worth Phase 2 environmental inspection

An environmental site assessment (ESA) is an independent evaluation of a property by environmental experts to determine if any contaminants and hazards are present on the property.

This process can involve two phases. The first phase is when our team administers a visual inspection of your property in addition to closely reviewing the history of the land. This information allows our team to gauge the likelihood of hazards on your property.

If phase one reveals cause for concern, we can provide a Phase 2 environmental site assessment in Fort Worth TX. This involves taking samples of soil, groundwater and other media from potentially contaminated sites and testing them in a lab.

A Fort Worth Phase 2 environmental site assessment will provide concrete proof on whether or not contaminants are present on the eproperty. The information is packaged in a comprehensive report that we can go over with you. If we find contaminants, our team can help you devise a plan to manage or remove them.

A trusted resource for Phase 2 environmental inspection in Fort Worth TX and other needs

Since 2007, ESE Partners has worked with a wide range of clients belonging to a long list of professional industries — from oil and gas companies to land developers.

Not only do we provide Fort Worth Phase 2 environmental site assessment and other due diligence services, but we can help you tackle compliance, remediation and industrial hygiene issues. In short: We’re ready to responsibly move your business forward through environmental problem solving. Consult with us today!

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