Fort Worth Phase I ESA

Extensive due diligence is a must when comes to a major commercial real estate transaction and the team here at ESE Partners is ready to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to provide clients with a Fort Worth Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA, Property Condition Assessment (PCA) or any in a wide range of other services.

Headquartered in Houston, and with office locations in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, ESE Partners has risen to become an industry leader when it comes to Phase I and Phase II ESA in Fort Worth TX, in addition to essentially any form of environmental problem-solving.

In fact, we are proud to work with clients belonging to a wide variety of industries and responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving.

Do you need a comprehensive Fort Worth Phase I environmental report?

We have the environmental experts to provide you with the information and insight needed before a major commercial property transaction. This transaction could be:

  • Land sale
  • Land purchase
  • Land lease
  • Refinancing

The institution that is responsible for lending the money to fuel the transaction wants to know that they are investing in a safe parcel of land free of hazard liabilities. Through a comprehensive Fort Worth Phase one environmental study by ESE Partners, they get that peace of mind.

About a Phase I ESA in Fort Worth TX

When it comes to environmental due diligence, a Fort Worth phase I esa is essentially the gold standard. Our experts provide an independent assessment of your property after visually inspecting it and combing through the history of the property via documents, regulatory records, interviews with previous owners and more.

If a Phase I ESA identifies any Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), ESE Partners can move forward with a Phase II ESA in Fort Worth TX, providing further investigation and sampling a wide range of media to test in the lab.

After this process, we will compare the findings to the regulatory limits to determine if further action is required. Findings are then compiled in a Phase II environmental report in Fort Worth TX.

Consult with ESE Partners for your environmental needs

From administering a Fort Worth phase I ESA, to delivering a wide range of other important environmental consulting services, ESE Partners is a proven leader in this space and ready to provide you with helpful information.


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